martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Really love this shit.

Fuck... I feel alone. Once again.

I'm so tired. This fight makes me tired. Day after day, hour after hour... This feel can beat me, and it will.

There is a day that does not have that feeling. I don't search nothing with anyone but... Sometimes, I want feel needed. I need to feel I'm important for someone. I need know that, if I'm not there to someone, this person will miss me...

This sucks... I need hear "sweety" or "honey" sometimes, you know?

I'm a person, like you... I've got feelings, eyes and, unfortunately, just a little bit of patience.

Really, this sucks.

I approach you, you run away...

Do you know something? ... You were always perfect for me.

Fuck it. Fuck all. Fuck... me.

In the sky, with no secrets.

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